The Behavioral Scouting -tool

Evaluate ice hockey players’ mental qualities

Behavioral Scouting -tool

The Behavioral Scouting –tool enables one to evaluate ice hockey players’ mental qualities and mental skills by evaluating their concrete and observable actions and behaviours. The tool gives as an end result the player’s mental quality profile in graphical form.

The following figure describes the idea of the tool and how it works.

For coaches, scouts and players

The tool is intended to help coaches, scouts and players link the important and concrete actions and behaviours with the essential mental qualities required in ice hockey. It defines the psychological factors and establishes the common language and clear evaluation criteria for players, coaches and scouts. It increases a player’s self-awareness and it helps increase communication and understanding between the different parties. It also helps coaches and scouts make comparison between different players which helps them in the player selection process. The tool is designed to be easy to use and actions and behaviours that are under evaluation are easy to see and understand.